Our Mission

At Easiest Sites, our mission is to take businesses to the next level; one business at a time… by building a new presence on the internet.

Our success is built on our clients’ successes; thus creating a true “win-win”* scenario. We understand the necessity of having a successful internet presence and we work with our clients to achieve this.

Our dream is simple, to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. The actual percentage for success for entrepreneurs can create a pretty gruesome picture. Then we wonder why they do it. Entrepreneurs innovate, create and fill in the voids in our world. They are exceptional people who understand failure quite well. Their resilient drive is second to none and they know how to get up and start again and again till they succeed; simply unstoppable.

Many businesses fail due to lack of presence on the internet. If a business does not have a website, it may as well not exist. Customers are extremely internet savvy and can search and evaluate businesses before stepping out the door. It’s crucial to have proper representation for businesses on the internet, not only to succeed but even to survive. We make this happen.

We believe in entrepreneurs. We want to be part of their dream, their drive and their success. We want to take their business to the next level.



*Thank you Mr. Stephen Covey for your teachings (7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

Our Successful Team

Wanda Kerfoot, CEO

Wanda Kerfoot, CEO

Wanda Kerfoot: CEO
Wanda is an online entrepreneur who graduated with a B.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from University of Toronto. She served as a Telecommunications Specialist for fourteen years for many Fortune 500 companies where she managed voice and data networks. As an entrepreneur at heart, she transitioned from her career to endeavor into various small business ventures and franchises. With her successes and failures, she developed a wealth of knowledge and a keen aptitude for small business sense. Over the years, she recognized her passion resided in three areas: online business, balanced family life and ice hockey. With these passions in mind, Wanda formulated an online business developing and growing websites while giving her the freedom to balance her life. She successfully leads the team at EasiestSites were she is fortunate enough to have individuals with diverse unique talents. Wanda specializes in Building Websites, Business Management and Online Marketing.


Austin Philips: Developer Team Manager
Austin has worked with Wanda for six years on various businesses and websites. Austin’s background is in Computer Science and his ten years online experience makes him the strategic mind behind the development team. His passion includes studying various technologies, being web savvy and snowboarding.  Among his team are growth planners, content writers, developers and SEO managers. Austin ensures that all websites that we design keep growing. He liaises with our content writers to ensure that websites are updated with useful, fresh and relevant content. He also ensures completion of other forms of on-site and off-site optimization exercises so that the websites consistently rank high on search engines.


Kate Bloom: Customer Service Department Manager
As the Customer Service Manager, Kate’s strengths lie in dealing with various customers and meeting their needs and wants. She is also a part-time real estate investor and enjoys her freedom of flexible hours at EasiestSites; allowing her to pursue her online career while taking care of her rental properties. She is extremely dedicated to providing the best customer service to our clients. She has been working closely with Wanda for the last three years as her “go to” person to resolve customer matters quickly. She thoroughly enjoys her free time spoiling her two dogs and a cat.