Affiliate Program

Together Everyone Achieves More.

With this TEAM philosophy in mind, we value and compensate our Affiliates quite well.  By creating a “win-win” situation, in everything we do, we are able to attract Affiliates who want to work with us and stay with us for repeated business.


As many Affiliates know there are so many businesses out there that need a website or have an outdated one. Entrepreneurs are too busy running their businesses that they fail to realize the importance of having a website or simply don’t have the time to create one. Their customers are looking for them online but can’t find them.

We offer an elite Affiliate commission to those who can use their networking and/or marketing resources to find clients in need of a website. Whether you use blogging or social media or even walk down the road to find clients, the choice is yours. You work at your pace and at your hours.

Our Affiliate program is a great way to generate a second income. We offer our Affiliates up-to 20% commission; depending on what you want to do.

If you are interested in promoting EasiestSites, we will provide you with proper marketing tools, guidelines and responsibilities.  Please contact us at for more information.