How hard can it be to build a website?

How hard can it be to build a website?

First of all, nothing beats a professional looking website that represents your business. Sure you can build a website in a hodgepodge way, but “why?” Shouldn’t you be focusing on running your business then to acquire another skill-set in a totally different field? This will only cause you delays and waste of your precious efforts trying to build something while learning at the same time.

A proper efficient website should not be built like a PowerPoint presentation. We need to consider the factors involved in building the proper infrastructure; the backbone of your website. The website must not have any restrictions to make it unsuitable for visitors to view and read, from any device. It must provide added value to each customer plus engage them with some level of enjoyment. After all, it’s all about the customer’s experience; Right? But wait, there’s more. What about the search engines? If your website does not have a proper infrastructure then the search engines won’t spider the site or won’t view the site properly constructed thus ranking it very low or not at all. This is almost like having no website.

At the end of the day, your website represents your business at its best! It will provide you leverage, trust and credibility. Taking short-cuts in these matters will eventually catch up. Customers are quite quick to figure things out and if they don’t respect your site for whatever the reason, they will create impressions that may not be true to your business. This can get costly.

Since your website is your most important commodity, it should be built and maintained with respect and integrity.

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