Once my website is done, what do I do?

Once my website is done, what do I do?

Once you have your website and it’s looking great, you will need to have it “hosted”. This means, “Where will your website be displayed “from” when people come to visit your business?” Then you have to ask “Once it’s “hosted”, who will up-keep your website: backups, maintenance, upgrades, changes, add features, provide analytics, growth, etc?”

We offer a No Worries monthly service where we take care of all your basic websites needs at a low monthly affordable fee. We will worry and take care of your website while you grow your business.

We also offer Grow my site monthly plan which includes No Worries plus gradual growth for your website. Google likes websites that continue to grow, implying the business is great and growing; Instead of long-term stale and static websites. Google then promotes your site when customers are searching. What can be better than this? As your website grows, customers come back looking for more.

For additional savings, our plans offer 2 months FREE to any yearly plan.

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